Collections from the Forest

Collections from the Forest is a collaboration between local artists Lyddia Burke and Jessica Parker which draws on their observations from within the forest. With an inquisitive eye, the artists have studied the natural world to create a collection of pieces that embody the beauty and the mystery of the natural world around us.

The exhibition is reminiscent of antiquated naturalist collections. These references from the past combined with collections from the always-changing forest seek to suspend judgements and illustrate the beauty and wonder of all that is.

Both Lyddia Burke and Jessica Parker have a lifelong interest in the arts and a love of the natural world. Their passion to make has led to the creation of diverse works using a broad range of mediums.

Instagram - @lyddiaburke, @emberwildeandmoss

Arts Centre, Warburton
3409 Warburton Highway, Warburton


Gallery Hours
TUE - SUN 11AM - 4PM

Upper Yarra Arts Centre
3409 Warburton Highway, Warburton

Collections from the Forest
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