Claire Darling

What are we without our memories and most treasured possessions?
On the first day of summer, reclusive millionaire Claire (Catherine Deneuve) lays all of her worldly objects out on the front lawn of her mansion, impulsively determined to sell everything. As a horde of curious bystanders and opportunistic neighbours fight over the ridiculously under-priced antiques, each object stirs vivid memories for Claire of her flamboyant life. But soon, her long-estranged daughter Marie (Chiara Mastroianni) arrives, determined to stop these proceedings by any means…


Director      Julie Bertuccelli
Cast Catherine Deneuve
Country  France
Running Time    94 mins
Classification  M


Thu   22   Aug   2.00pm   Thu   15   Aug   2.00pm
Fri   23   Aug   2.00pm   Fri   16   Aug   2.00pm
Sat   24   Aug   7.30pm   Sat   17   Aug   11.30am
Sun   25   Aug   11.30am   Sat   17   Aug   7.30pm
Tue   27   Aug   7.30pm   Tue   20   Aug   7.30pm
Thu   29   Aug   11.30am   Wed   21   Aug   2.00pm
Fri   30   Aug   11.30am   Thu   22   Aug   11.30am
Sat   31   Aug   11.30am   Fri   23   Aug    7.30pm
Wed   4   Sep   2.00pm   Sun   25   Aug    2.00pm 
Wed   11   Sep   11.30am   Wed   28   Aug    11.30am 
        Fri   30   Aug    11.30am 
        Wed   4   Sep    2.00pm 
        Fri   6   Sep    2.00pm 
        Sun   8   Sep    11.30am 


*OC = Open Caption Sessions
*SD = Spit the Dummy Sessions

Upper Yarra Arts Centre
Healesville Memorial Hall
The Memo, Healesville & Arts Centre, Warburton
1300 368 333
$14.50 Full / $12.50 Concession / $11 YRFS Member
$9 U15 / Midweek Matinee

Claire Darling
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