Acquainted with the Night

From the dawn of time humans have been fascinated with the night and the beauty and terror of what might live within it.  Even now with access to all the accoutrements of technology and knowledge unavailable to our ancestors we are still intrigued by the creatures who make the night their home.  Who has lain awake at night wondering if it is really just possums scrabbling on the roof, woken from a dream certain there is something in the room, or admired the scintillating beauty of the moths that come to dance at our lights.

Scott envisions the creatures of our dreams and nightmares working with hand coloured prints of original ink drawings.

Nik seeks to understand the things we imagine scratching and scabbling in the darkness creating them as soft sculptures using synthetic fur and hand dyed felt.

Bree explores the nocturnal insects, birds and animals who share the night with us using ink, pastel, pencil, paint, textiles and fibre.

Arts Centre, Warburton
Wed 10 Apr - Tue 28 May

Official Opening
Sat 13 Apr 2pm

Gallery Hours
Tue - Sun 11am - 4pm

Upper Yarra Arts Centre
3409 Warburton Highway, Warburton

Acquainted with the Night
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