Festivals & Events in Yarra Ranges

Festivals and Events are an important part of life in Yarra Ranges which help to contribute to the regions unique features. There is a long and rich history of communities coming  together to celebrate, share stories, develop social and cultural connections,  and above all to have fun within their own communities.

Working together on festivals gives people a sense that they are shaping the place where they live, while  at the same time developing  a shared history, and a sense of “place”. The different regions that make up the Shire of Yarra Ranges have very distinct personalities, not only in landscape and geography, but also in history and tradition, and regional festivals tend to reflect this

The events themselves can take many forms, from those with a specific focus to,  broad celebrations that  involve people from all walks of life. They are presented by many different groups, including businesses, peak bodies, not for profit organisations, and local community groups.

Yarra Ranges Council acknowledges the contribution these activities make both to the social fabric of the region, and to its economic sustainability. Council supports this activity by providing information, advice and resources to organisers of events throughout the region.

The Arts Culture & Heritage team in conjunction with other council departments, provides advice and resources to community groups to deliver their events. For more information or to discuss specific aspects of your event contact the Community Festivals and Events Development  Officer   Council also provides a comprehensive suite of resources for general use, which will guide you through the process of planning and delivering a successful festival or event in Yarra Ranges.  

Festivals & Events in Yarra Ranges
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