Research Local History

Research Local History

Interested in learning more about local history?


The Guide to Heritage in the Yarra Ranges list key heritage sites across Yarra Ranges, including all the information you need such as opening hours and entry fees. It also includes the contact details for history and heritage groups so that customers can seek more information on any history they would like to explore further. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the guide is a great way to explore the deeper layers of this area, including sites relating to our favourite personalities as well as the ordinary people that shaped the region. 

The Guide is available as a PDF here, or you can pick up hard copies at Council venues, Eastern Regional Libraries and historical societies. 

There are many other ways to research families, towns, houses or any other subject.

Yarra Ranges Regional Museum has an extensive local collection and the Connections Gallery, which tells the story of the Yarra Ranges region, is on permanent display.                                  

Eastern Regional Libraries also offer many local and family history resources. Visit their website for details of newspapers, rate books and post office directories as well as genealogy and house history resources. For military historians, we also have a list of Yarra Ranges residents who served (xlsx, 6.8MB) in conflicts from the Colonial Wars to the Vietnam War (this is not an active list so changes or additions cannot be made.)

Contacting Yarra Ranges History and Heritage Groups

The Guide to Heritage in the Yarra Ranges lists the contact details for most of our history and heritage groups. See below for links to many of their websites. You can also view a map (pdf, 3.21MB) which is a general guide to the areas covered by History and Heritage groups, but each group may have records relating to a wider area than indicated. Contact relevant groups for more information.



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